The Whale Company is a charity

that inspires people to take action,

to connect to nature

to find innovative solutions to the problem of plastic

and lead us to a more sustainable future

Charity Mission


The Whale Company has two objectives: environmental education and conservation.  We work with schools and communities to promote connection to nature through SUP; driving positive change in attitude and behaviour and encouraging the emergence of innovative solutions for a more sustainable world.

Whalebags or Whaletreads?

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Education is the key to bring about change in the world; we run an environmental education program to inspire children to become innovative designers of the future.

Paddle and Pick

We have partnered with Active 360, London’s leading SUP club, to offer SUP lessons and Paddle and Pick sessions to schools and corporates, as part of our education program.


Carlos and Carolyn became the first people in the world to paddle 12 marathon in 12 countries on their Bottle Board, and in 2018 they paddled the length of the Thames.

Plastic Pollution

The global problem of plastic is escalating out of control.  Over the past ten years we have produced more plastic than in the whole of the last century.  Today, a rubbish-truck load is dumped into the ocean every minute.  At the current rate, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.  Only 24% of the five million tonnes of plastic used in the UK every year is re-used.  We urgently need to rethink how we use plastic.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Today, SUP is the fastest growing water sport, accessible to all ages, abilities and, with Bottle Boards, budget.  It improves fitness, balance and core strength while connecting you directly with the water and surrounding nature.  Sadly, when you paddle it won’t be long before you see plastic and other pollution floating in the water.  The impact is powerful and will initiate change because we protect what we love.  It is no coincidence that SUP has established itself at the heart of environmental protection.

Building Connections

We believe that we are stronger when we work together; we have met and partnered with incredible people, clubs and organisations, who have made our journey possible.  See our collaborations here.



12 marathons in 12 countries

Carlos and Carolyn paddled 12 marathons in 12 countries, catching the eye of European media to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Message in a Bottle Campaign

Carlos and Carolyn paddled the length of the River Thames in June 2018, collecting messages from school children to deliver to parliament.

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With your help we can strive towards a more sustainable world; we are a registered charity in England and Wales no. 1180386