2023 Expedition to Vjosa National Park

World Oceans Day, 8th June 2023

This June 2023 The Whale Company is back with an exciting new expedition.  Argentinian couple, Fran and Manuela will paddle from Croatia to Albania by SUP.  They will paddle on rivers and lakes from Croatia, through Bosnia and Montenegro to the recently formed Vjosa National Park in Albania, Europe’s last surviving ‘wild river’ (now protected from future hydroelectric dam construction and development, after years of collaboration between Patagonia and local conservation groups).   Along the way, they will be joined by local activists, educators and institutional leaders who will tell their stories and offer solutions for the plastic problem. They will produce images, videos and articles of the whole adventure that showcase the beauty of the region and highlight the inspiring work of sustainability heroes. We are committed to approaching this issue with an optimistic narrative that empowers individuals and organisations to take action and make a difference.

The Team

Meet the team… Argentinian couple Francisco and Manuela, have been living in the Canary Islands and Croatia and will now be joining us on this expedition through the Balkans.

Francisco, is an economist and simple lifestyle seeker who loves sport and getting into nature. He is passionate about discovering the stories of the people who cross his path and he tries to spread love and inspiration while writing about them and capturing them on camera. @franpanario

Manuela is a caring soul who always seeks to bring out the best in others! She is on a constant quest to excel and grow as a person. She enjoys the tranquility of nature (especially if you can enjoy a good tea and a campfire)and is passionate about architecture, design, and horses. She also likes healthy cooking, yoga and calisthenics. For Manuela, travel means freedom and discovering other realities and cultures. @manucistepsich

The Route

Francisco and Manuela will paddle from Croatia, through Bosnia and Montenegro to the Vjosa National Park. 

Our Sustainability Heroes

We intend to show the plastic pollution problem with an optimistic narrative by including inspiring stories that highlight the success of some incredible sustainability heroes! 

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NGO Nasa Akcija

Plastic Citizen Awareness

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Vjosa National Park

Community Effort

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Sustainable Tourism

Partner with us

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